Are you ready to make? Not only will you have access to tools* and shared space but you’re about to meet some of the great makers of the north end! With your membership we will pay the bills to support the space, put on educational workshops, and obtain new tools.

We appreciate your consideration and hope you’ll help us build a great makerspace; the heart of a makerspace is the people, not the tools.

There are currently two options:

Basic Membership: You will have access to the shop during “open” times, and any time you coordinate with a full member to have the space open. You may use the mailing list to request specific open times; no guaranteed times because it’s based on membership’s free time. Most workshops are also discounted at this rate. A three month commitment is required, the first statement will be for the first three months and the following will be based on your preference as selected in the form below — $10/month.

Full Membership: You’re investing in our growth! You can request a keycard for access, you’ll need to pay for the cost of the card and background check (one-time $15). — $40/month. We have approved an annual discount of this membership level to $450.

Sponsorship: Some memberships may be sponsored when funds are available for low income persons; please consult the board of directors for details.

Private Workspace: TBD (target ~3$/sq ft.) .. based on your needs, contact a director for more details.

*Not all tools are available immediately once part of the membership. All power tools require some basic safety education and most of the CNC-based equipment requires some use knowledge and certification. Meet use at an open house or tour for more details.

Sign and deliver the: Membership Agreement Form

Sign and deliver the: Makerspace Use Agreement Form

** We don’t pro-rate. Why? We don’t pay any wages and it’s a fair amount of work to run the group. We try to keep the finances as simple as possible. Come visit us, the Robotics Club, Open House and, Meet & Greet meetings are free,.. we’d love to meet before you consider membership.

We don’t want your involvement to end with cash! Please contact us if you’re interested in the business end of supporting the space!