Current Tools:

20×12 CO2 Laser*
Leapfrog CREATR 3D Printer(s)*
CNC Mill*
Shapeoko 2 CNC Router*
Bench Top Injection Molding
Impact Drill, Cordless
Table Saw
Band Saw
Drill Press
Belt/Disc Sander
Acrylic Bender
Hand Tools
Soldering Equipment
Logic Analyzer
Oscilloscopes LCD/CRT

In works:

48×42″ Laser
Metal Chop Saw

Wishlist Items:

CNC Plasma Cutter, TIG Welder, Foundry Tools, 120W+ Laser, Wood Power Tools


All CNC and computer controlled equipment (Laser, 3D Printing, and Router) require certification for use. All consumables are provided by you the user. Scrap is generally available for testing.

Provide your own PLA for 3D printing, ABS by appointment.

Provide your own Wood, Acrylic, and/or Cardboard/Paper for the laser; *ANY* other material requires approval by shop manager. Some materials like PVC can cause you or the equipment great harm.

Please consult any director of officer for donations.

All tools in the makerspace are for use by adults only. The only exception is highly supervised events specifically designed for youth activities.

All hand tools require a signed use agreement on file for anyone using the tool; member or not. All tool users may not use the hand tool unless they feel confident of their ability to use. Request training on any tools you do not have absolute comfort with before use.

All powered tools require a basic safety certification with the shop manager. Please contact any member, officer or director for contact information or more details.